Lenny Kravitz for YSL FALL WINTER 2020 Campaign-Get Your Man Right

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Lenny Kravitz for YSL FALL WINTER 2020 Campaign


The Lenny Kravitz for YSL FALL WINTER 2020 Campaign oozes of dripping wet rock star edginess; with a full slice of sophistication. It’s simple… take an universal couture classic, and simply build upon it. The staple in this ad campaign? Black Pants.

Yes, I don’t care who you are or what type of man you choose to present to the world; BUT a pair of black pants MUST be somewhere in your closet. If you are the type of guy who struggles to get it right when it comes time to be a little glitzier than jeans or shorts; the black pant will save your life.

First of the color, is flattering for all different shapes and sizes. Plus, it can help you achieve a “slimming effect” for the times you went wild during Taco Tuesday. Lastly, black is easy to pair with shirts, tops and accessories because it basically goes with everything. So take the guesswork out of your life and just buy the pants, alright?


Lenny Kravitz for YSL FALL WINTER 2020 Campaign


ADDITIONALLY… buy at least one great jacket. Look at Lenny in these pics. He’s a total freaking babe with this great tailored jacket. There’s not a woman alive who wouldn’t this type of effort of style. So please… take notes.

Moreover, if you purchase a blazer like Lenny’s you will help yourself out tremendously. Such a jacket can be worn in formal as well as informal settings. Basically, with jeans, slacks or a dress pant, etc. So then, you will get some major bang for your bucks.

Lenny Kravitz for YSL FALL WINTER 2020 Campaign-Get Your Man Right

Moving on through the YSL campaign, we also love the use of a belt. There is no crime in adding one to your look boys. Let’s face it, not all clothes are created equal to look amazing on us all. These designs are often mass produced and they will not always fit exactly right.

When it comes to pants, belts can help fix this problem. It’s not so much about holding the pants up; but fixing the look of gaps especially if you have nice size booty. More on that in another article (Lol).



Nevertheless, belts are awesome for an overall finished look. If you notice your outfit is basically all the same color; which happens a lot when wearing suits; belts help to break up the monotony. Trust, wearing a black jacket on black pants, gray on gray and blue on blue; will look WAY BETTER with a contrasting belt color. It will be just enough pop to help you not look like a total bore. Plus… The ladies love personality fellas.

And One More Thing…

Finally, prints. Not for everyone, but if you have the personality and charisma to pull it off, it’s gold. Prints just have a way of standing out and saying, “Hey I’m a different kind of guy.”

So then, if your SO loves to make an entrance or has an exuberant way of talking or interacting with others. He most likely would pull prints off well. It’s for the guy who loves to be seen and he doesn’t care about being flashy baby!



This ad campaign featuring Lenny Kravitz just goes to prove how cool fall and winter fashion can be. Just because the temps drop doesn’t mean that you have to wear what’s typical for the season. Don’t be afraid to play in the fashion clouds and be a little more adventurous.

All in all, we love this YSL campaign with Lenny. It highlights a lot of great men’s fashion points. Hopefully, you enjoyed our little Get Your Man Right menswear campaign breakdown. Share it with your friends and come back to read or next one dropping in a few days.