Girl Fitness: How to be a Lean Mass Gainer Without Bulking Up

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Lean Mass Gainer

STOP! If you lift weights you are going to bulk up!!! Unfortunately, that is the fitness myth women have been scaring and passing along to other women for decades. The truth is if you desire to be a lean mass gainer; it is not how much you’re lifting, but rather how you are lifting it.

You see, the truth about toning is that heavy weights help you to not only gain more strength; but also require less cardio and maintain moderate fat loss. A goal that many ladies aiming to be thinner would like to achieve. However, that is not how most go about.

Girl Fitness: How to be a Lean Mass Gainer Without Bulking Up

We all have done it… crash diets, excessive amounts of cardio and trying out the latest record breaking fat-burning workout. Yet, these types of methods are not always to keep up in the long run. Many of us have the power to dig deep within to keep up for bit, but then find ourselves back at square one again. So what’s the answer?

To be leaner, you have to do what it truly encompasses then take the right actions that will get lean and remain that way. So then, to begin with it’s important to know what does it mean to have a lean body mass.

Lean body mass is basically a calculation of taking your total body weight and subtracting body fat weight. It’s the mass of the body minus the storage lipid otherwise known as fat. Or in real super basic terms, it is the amount of weight you carry on your body that is not fat.

The goal many women have is to keep their lean body mass while dropping your body fat percentage down. As the fat falls away they will look leaner and very toned. So how can this be done?

Girl Fitness: How to be a Lean Mass Gainer Without Bulking Up (Continued)

Lean Mass Gainer

Training with heavier weights will help to develop actual muscle. Now if your end goal is tone up and decrease fat, it is highly recommended to stop one or two reps before hitting muscle failure. If you push past muscle failure and come to fatigue the muscle then you will most likely add size.

For a bodybuilder that’s awesome news! Nevertheless, for most of us that is not our fitness goals. We want the tone without minus the bulk. So it’s all about pushing yourself, but not going all the way to complete muscle fatigue.

Lastly, always remember that fat loss is dependent upon consistency. Allow us to repeat that. If you want to experience steady and sustainable fat loss you have to be consistent.

Stop and go may work for traffic on the streets, but it works havoc on any weight loss or fitness plan. Therefore, truly commit to your goals and yourself. You owe to YOU to become everything you want to be and should you. Anything is possible and you can do it because now you have the real secret to being a lean mass gainer!

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