Latest Hair Trends: Balmain Spring 2017 Slick Wet Hairstyle

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Having your spring wardrobe together is one thing, but ensuring your hair is just as on point is quite another. The 2017 spring designer runway shows hair looks were full of innovation as well as reincarnated classics. What is one of the latest hair trends for 2017? Think getting out of a pool while looking all sorts of fabulous. That is very much the vibe of the Balmain Spring 2017 Slick Wet Hairstyle.

Latest Hair Trends: Balmain Spring 2017 Slick Wet Hairstyle

Yes, slick hair can be chic and more importantly very alluring. C’mon don’t you want onlookers to be obsessed with you from head-to-toe? The Balmain Spring 2017 Slick Wet Hairstyle is sexy without looking like you are trying to hard. Moreover, it is universally pleasing because it can be created on various hair lengths. Besides the catwalk several celebrities have already given the wet hairstyle a spin. We immediately think of Teyana Taylor (long hair) at the Soul Train awards as well as actress Ruth Negga (short hair) when she attended the Golden Globes.

Nevertheless, this look is nothing new even though it has a very modern feel. Hairstylist Sam McKnight says that the look is actually inspired by the 80’s. Eighties photography by Helmut Newton and Peter Linbergh provided the inspiration for the swimming pool-esqe style.

How was the hairstyle created? If you are natural then most likely you already have all the items you need in your hair arsenal. Stylists used an almost mad hair scientist mixture of gels, hair oils, mousse and creams in order to make hair obey as well as create the “wet” look.

Balmain never disappoints in its fashions or in the hair department. Therefore, take a page out of Balmain’s stylish book and rock one of the latest hair trends!

Look also spied in Balmain ad campaign

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