Late Night Beauty Call: Fantasia

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Late Night Beauty Call Fantasia

As soon as we saw this gorgeous photo, all of our jaws dropped clear to the floor! Fantasia, excuse us Mrs. Taylor if you follow her on the gram, looked like a bag of money with eyelashes popping, eyebrows fleeking and lips on one like what! Truth Is we want to steal her look A to the S with an AP.

There was so much to love about this makeup look including how understated it is, yet still manages to exude drama. One thing that can always seem to bring a makeup application down is a lack of blending. However, Fantasia’s makeup was blended to perfection giving her an overall flawless look. Moreover, besides not having a blemish in sight we loved the hints of well-placed highlighter that made her glow like the queen’s Crown Jewels. Whew! Fantasia girl, you better work!

Late Night Beauty Call Fantasia2

Our beauty’s Instagram: @tasiasword

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