Lash Extensions Care Plus What to Expect

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Lash Extensions Care Plus What to Expect

Lash extensions are an excellent way to cut down on time when creating your daily makeup look. After 6 snooze button clicks, 5 minutes of deciding if your job or education is important then realizing you now have 15 minutes left to get ready in the morning; anything that can help a sista out is truly heaven sent. With that said, imagine waking up every morning with lashes that make your eyes pop with a dazzling radiance which looks 100% natural. It’s no dream and many women are living it.

Lash extensions are becoming a major staple in the beauty world. Numerous salons are now offering the service as part of their beauty lineup. Nevertheless, it is always best to know ahead of time what to expect before having the procedure done. As a wise man once said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Lash Extensions Care Plus What to Expect2

Lash Extensions Care Plus What to Expect

Roadrunner Don’t Play That: This process is not a speedy one. When getting lash extensions set aside at least an hour in your schedule. Your lash extensions professional will be adding in volume/length to your natural lash line literally one hair at a time. So be patient and get ready to just set back and relax for awhile.

Rub a Dub Dub: You are going to want to but you must learn to resist temptation. Rubbing on your peepers will only cause lashes to fall out quicker. To keep your awesome eyelash look longer you need to institute a hands off policy for yourself.

To Clean Or Not to Clean: Well of course you are going to have to wash your face at some point but its HOW you go about doing it that will be a little of a challenge. Since the lashes are held in place by glue you need to be extremely careful when it comes to having any type of moisture coming near your extensions. Cleansing towelettes can help to safely remove dirt or makeup near the lashes. Never pull or tug on them or you risk losing hairs.

You Need to Cut It: (Insert dance moves) On the real you may need to literally cut out certain makeup. Some makeup contains oils that can wreck havoc on your extensions. Oils and lash extensions do not mix! We will say that again… oils and lash extensions do not mix so avoid using eye makeup that is oil based. Such products will only encourage strands to slide right out of their place.

Sleep Like a G: If you normally wake up with your face firmly planted in your pillow you may need to make a few adjustments. Friction created by sliding your face along your big fluffy friend will actually be damaging to your lashes. Lash extensions can easily be pulled out so it is best to rest in a position where your lashes rarely come into contact with your bedding. Women have found success sleeping on their backs or on their side slightly on top of their hand in order to protect the extensions.

I Don’t Think You Ready For This Gel-y: Waterproof eye makeup is very tough remove, however, if eyeliner is a must then using gel liner would be a better option. Gels a little easier to remove but care is still needed in order to not disturb the extensions.

Get Low: As time goes by you will notice your once full set of lashes looking a little on the low side. The lashes will fall out so this means going in to get them replaced. How often will you need to go in to see a lash extension expert? Every lady is different and it will depend on how well you take care of them. Most women average around 3-4 weeks with 6 being the max.

Betta Have My Money: Lash extensions are not cheap but many salons offer a discount to first-timers. This is done of course to get a girl hooked so that she will continue to get them in the future. Right at the gate you are looking at least $100 or more depending on volume as well as style. More dramatic looks will cost you more money. Also, keep in mind the maintenance costs. To maintain your lovely lash look you will need to go in for refills just like you would for acrylic nails.

To get an idea of the process check out this short video:

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