Lancôme Lash Idole Mascara Starring Zendaya for the Campaign!

Lancôme Lash Idole Mascara
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Lancôme Lash Idole Mascara

AHHHHHH! We can barely control our excitement over this release because: (1) It has a very unique feature and (2) the ad campaign features a brand ambassador who just happens to be one our favorite actresses! Yes, we are indeed referring to the release of the Lancôme Lash Idole Mascara! A mascara specially designed and formulated to lift lashes HIGHER than ever imagined!

Moreover, right off the bat we are feeling many of the benefits of this mascara. The Lancôme brand is indicating that their new Lash Idole Mascara will be:

  • Long Lasting
  • Smudge Proof
  • Non- Flaky
  • Visually Lengthens
  • Create Lift and Curl

Lancôme Lash Idole Mascara


Creative Director of Lancôme, Lisa Eldridge; also has a thing or two share on why she ADORES this new beauty item by Lancôme. Eldridge reveals,

“I’m obsessed with this mascara. It’s so flattering on the eyes as each lash is beautifully defined, fanned out and lengthened. And most importantly, for me as a makeup artist, it doesn’t smudge off; flake or smudge under the eyes.

Lancôme Lash Idole Mascara


So if you constantly fear the dreaded “raccoon eyes” from melting eye makeup like mascara. You can rest with ease knowing this mascara will not get all smudgy on you. Nevertheless, there’s more to learn about about this product, allow us to fill you in!

Lancôme Lash Idole Mascara Starring Zendaya for the Campaign!

What seems to be different about this mascara is what Lancôme has come up with in terms of mascara wand construction. As we all know, the wand plays a very integral part of the application process. It can be the difference in separated looking lashes or very clumpy ones. Gaining length or looking dry and flaky.

The wand is what helps to coat the lashes. So if it fails to do a good job you could be forced to apply way too much product in order to achieve the look you are after. Which can lead to other issues.


To combat this, Lancôme’s Idole Mascara wand comes with 360 micro bristles that are all varying sizes and lengths. This staggered approach is to ensure that every lash generously coated giving your eyelashes more mesmerizing impact!

Furthermore, the wand is also curved. Why is this important? Well, ever studied a lash curler? Such a beauty tool encourages lashes to bend upwards. A curved wand helps to accomplish the exact same result.

What Else Do We Know So Far?

There’s a few more things that we have been able to gather. Lash Idole’s formulation is not short sighted. Lancôme is boasting that not only is their new mascara long lasting; but it can last for up to a full 24 hours!

This is a great news for those who really need a mascara to stay in place; and for a long time at that. Nevertheless, having an amazing mascara that outlasts the school or work day is wonderful; however, the real fun (or not so fun lol) challenge begins once it’s time to take it off. However, have no fear!

Lancome promises that makeup removal will not a be a pain in the Beauty neck. Lash Idole Mascara’s gel emulsion can easily be removed while also being free of awful smudging or flaking. THANK GOODNESS!

Furthermore, what’s a product without the packaging? Since if are all really really super real with each other; packaging is probably one of the big reasons we’re sometimes moved to make a purchase. Well, it looks like Lancôme plans to deliver in this department as well.

Lancôme Lash Idole Mascara will have a classic and elegant style. Each bottle will feature a very chic pink and black color tone. Additionally, each lid will also include an unique feature. Lancôme’s iconic flower motif will gorgeously appear embossed on top of the lid. LOVE!

Zendaya Fronts the Lash Idole Mascara Ad Campaign!


There’s just something about Zendaya and mirrors child! In the official ad campaign for Idole Mascara Zendaya STUNS in a delicate pink color story that effortlessly shows off her beauty and elegance.

Also, without having to strain at all you can noticeably see the effects of Lancôme’s new mascara. Zendaya’s lashes seem to almost leap out of the photographs as they tower gracefully towards the sky. Moreover, besides length, a quick glance additionally reveals gorgeous FULL volume.

It’s one thing to have longer lashes; but it’s also the voluminous finish that is sure to get your eyes noticed! In this ad campaign Miss Coleman seems to have both going for her thanks to Lash Idole.

Lastly, we are always enamored with a campaign that chooses to style natural hair. Zendaya rocks a set of sleek cornrow braids that if you look closely enough; are accessorized with super chic hair accessories. Zendaya being such a fashion and style icon at her age is such a great choice for this campaign. The campaign doesn’t feel forced; instead it draws you in encouraging you to want to learn and see more.

BEAUTY TRAILER: It’s that time lovelies! Here’s our mini trailer of this new makeup release!


How… When… and What Price Point Darlings?

Interested in getting your hands on Lancôme’s newest mascara? You are not alone. Already many other makeup lovers flooding the cosmetics brand’s social media channel’s looking for any intel in regards to the release.

So far, this is what we know. Lash Idole Mascara will be arriving this year. The date we have on file is that it is currently is set to drop on December 2nd! Therefore, just next month!


Lancôme Lash Idole Mascara

What about worldwide release? While yes, online Lash Idole is coming out on 12/2; the worldwide launch will be January 2021. So just a little something to keep in mind.

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