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I confess, I am a HUGE fan of lace. I think it’s feminine yet it’s a chameleon in where you can dress it up, dress it down or edge it up with a nice leather jacket or ankle boots. I am not the only one enjoying this look, it seems like wherever I turn every store has some take on the lacy trend. You can find lace utilized in dresses, shirts as well as jackets. They are featuring lace in a super girly way, yet rocker chic and sexy. What’s also fabulous is the no hold bars on the color palette for lace. Lace is being seen in bright colors, darker hues and high-voltage neon look-at-me colors.

So then, the point is that you can incorporate this look in your wardrobe and still feel like you are keeping to your own personal style because it seems that lace has no bounds. I LOVE it!

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