LA All City Star Jack Lightsy Finds Success Playing On New Stage

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LA All City Star Jack Lightsy Finds Success Playing On New Stage

Life after sports is a tough transition for some athletes but not Jack Lightsy who replaced the adulation, energy and commitment to excellence that to led him to be an All City Wide Receiver at Locke High School with his personal passion for producing stage plays, Lightsy newest creation “Captured By The Game” opens at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre Friday and runs through Sunday.

Sports, often a launching pad for those desiring more from life, provided Lightsy a means to realize his dreams of creating music.  He earned a full scholarship to UCLA to play football, majored in Sociology and maintained an overall 3.8 GPA, not your typical jock by any stretch of the imagination.  However, like most students Lightsy also sought to develop his creative side by playing bass in local Los Angeles bands like “Tomorrow’s Change.”  Upon graduation, Lightsy embarked on a successful career as a medical clinical specialist but his heart longed to return to his true passion, music.  In 1996, Jack Lightsy Productions was born and today has mastered a winning formula for delivering the type of stage plays his audience loves, fresh, funny slices of life taken to the far side.

In his latest installment “Captured By The Game,” Claudette Ortiz (“R&B Divas LA” star and former City High singer) makes her acting debut.  Ortiz plays Sister Shelia who is described as a street wise woman of God that believes there is a little good in everyone.  R&B crooner Jesse Campbell, most recently of NBC’s hit series “The Voice,” is the player–Oliver–who thinks he is running top notch game on Sister Shelia. The high-jinx that ensue are a classic character study in the challenges of dating in modern society but with a comedic twist.

“Captured By The Game” continues a string of Valentines Weekend productions written and composed by Lightsy.  With “Captured” Lightsy turns his lens on the games both men and women play when attempting to only show the positive or most attractive elements of their personality in order to find a mate.  At the same time, the play taps into that old saying about  “good girls and bad guys” while raising the timeless questions about a player’s ability to truly give up the game.

Lightsy still loves sports because it provided a platform to leave Los Angeles’ inner city and explore places, people and opportunities few only imagine.

Scheduled to run February 13 – 15, 2015 at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre tickets for “Captured By The Game” may be purchased at the Ebell Box Office, World Life Book Stores, Simply Wholesome Restaurant and Groups sales and individual tickets may also be purchased at or call 310.963.4704 for group sales inquires only.

About the Writer-Director Jack Lightsy
Jack Lightsy has been involved in the entertainment industry for most of his life. He was born into the arts, with his father and uncles being singers and recording records. Jack and his three brothers formed a vocal group at an early age and performed at social events, and talent shows.Jack Lightsy joined the Ebony Showcase Theatre Arts Academy at age 15, and learned every aspect of stage production under the leadership of Nick and Edna Stewart. While heavily involved in the Locke High School stage and music department, he began playing the bass guitar.

A UCLA graduate, Jack Lightsy has stage and songwriting credits to support his undergraduate degree. He has road and studio session credits as a bass player and music director. He also has numerous on-camera television, film and commercial acting credits, winning the highly recognized “Clio Award” for commercial performance.

For the last 15 years, Jack Lightsy has focused his attention on a special brand of stageplay and screenplay writing. He has used his writing skills to reach youth in schools and performing in prisons. He has written, directed and staged many faith-based productions and presentations in the Southern California area, including the recent comedy-drama, “God…I Thought You Knew Me!”, “I’m Only Human!”, the youth focused “Cool is U!”, and the critically acclaimed “Who’s Playin’ Who?”


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