Kosas The Big Clean Mascara -Hair Care for Your Eyelashes!

Kosas The Big Clean Mascara
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What if there was a hair care product for your lashes? Makes sense right? Eye lashes are in fact hair; therefore, if you nourish them the same way you would the strands on your head you could achieve the same results. Longer, stronger, more beautiful “hairs” or lashes. Meet Kosas The Big Clean Mascara… the amazing mascara product formulated with hair care actives!


Kosas The Big Clean Mascara


Kosas The Big Clean Mascara -Hair Care for Your Eyelashes


Kosas The Big Clean Mascara


So how does this all work? Also, what exactly is in this mascara’s formula to make it work so effectively? We went to the source to find out! Here’s what Kosas reveals about their Big Clean mascara,

“Fluffy Lashes. Active Hair Care. Super Clean. Meet The Big Clean Mascara, bringing you jumbo lashes powered by hair care actives like Castor Oil, Provitamin B5 and Biotin. Finally, a clean mascara that delivers BIG TIME!

Delivering jumbo lashes in just one swipe, second coat optional. The Big Clean is powered by a hair care trifecta. Castor Oil nourishes for lush, shiny lashes. Vitamin B5 helps to revive [your] lashes. Biotin [helps to] support healthier, fuller hair.


Kosas The Big Clean Mascara


[Our] big rainbow brush coats, curls and lifts in one swipe –slicking on hair care actives like Castor Oil, Biotin and Provitamin B5. The last mascara you’ll ever need; made with the purest lightweight clean formula.

Big volume. Big lash actives. [Also] big clean. Nourish your lashes with a whole new level of clean, care and volume.”



Ready to get yours? The Big Clean Mascara by Kosas is available now at Kosas.com or SEPHORA. Each one currently retails for $26.



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Kosas The Big Clean Mascara

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