Kickboxing for Women: 5 Best Workouts Right on Youtube!

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Kickboxing for Women

Working out is great… If you have the time for it! Nowadays, we all have school, work, fam, friends and self-care to work in everyday. A lot of you expressed your thankfulness for our Kickboxing for Beginners post; however, wanted us to help with hunting down Kickboxing for Women workouts that can be done right at home.

Well, we searched. We found. And ultimately dolls we conquered (LOL). We were quite successful in locating some workouts that will help you shape, tone and burn those unwanted calories!

Kickboxing for Women

Most importantly, all of  these workouts serve up an awesome additional purpose. For instance, you can save time by doing one of these videos that has a routine that’s less than 30 minutes. Also, even if you are Plus Size, there are no excuses to keep you from kicking your way to a better you. We found an inspiring woman who takes part in a cardio kickboxing workout that includes just 5 moves!

So get ready to move, sweat and lose weight like never before. Try out these workouts and be sure to tell us what you thought.

Kickboxing for Women: 5 Best Workouts Right on Youtube!

Plus Size Cardio Kickboxing Workout Routine 5 Easy Moves

We love this one because it’s easy to follow and they show how to modify moves so that you can even sit some if you need to. Awesome!


Taebo Advanced Workout

The Godfather of kickboxing! This is the OG Taebo Advanced Workout by Billy Blanks. We tested it and we all lost serious POUNDS in just one month! Our moms were right, nothing beats this workout!

WARNING: The audio is off the track in parts, we’re guessing because of its age. But the results can’t be beat so it’s totally worth it (LOL). Just focus on the moves loves!

If you like a trainer with super high energy to motivate you, this will be your girl!



POP Kicks: Total Body Cardio Kickboxing Workout
Short on time? These high intensity sisters will get you moving and sweating in just 8 minutes.



Full Body Kickboxing Workout | Butt, Legs, Stubborn Belly Fat, Flabby Arms | Beginners Cardio

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