Kendras Boutique Hair Barb Product Kit-For Natural Hair and Extensions!

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Kendras Boutique Hair Barb Product Kit

A couple months ago you might recall one of our Obsession features showcasing luxury hair styling tools by the one and only Kendras Boutique. Each piece had more bling than Cash, Money Records! Nevertheless, the hair brand is back at it again with an amazing collection of haircare products. The Kendras Boutique Hair Barb Product Kit is a five piece set that includes everything you need to have amazing healthy hair.

Kendras Boutique Hair Barb Product Kit

There are several pluses about this kit but two stick out immediately. First of all, it has dual capabilities. Not only can you successfully use these products on natural hair, but they also work great on extensions! No more having to switch up products just because you switched up the game with your hairstyle. This set is truly a one kit fits all.

The second aspect we love is the price. It’s a real steal. As all black girls know when it comes to hairstyling we do not play. It can at times take a village and a plethora of products to achieve “a look.” Moreover, all those necessary products can really add up!

Recognizing this issue among the black market, Kendras Boutique developed a line that’s affordable as well as all inclusive. Regarding the kit KB says,

“Our Hair Barb Product Kit is a must-have. We have your complete set! Make sure you loves get your haircare kits to go along with your bundles and it also works amazing on your natural hair! This kit includes your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner mask, and Argan oil spray for only $30! You can’t get all that in the store for that low price.”

You sure can’t! So then, check out Kendras Boutique for all your hair needs. See the kit at

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Kendras Boutique Hair Barb Product Kit