Kelly Rowland Partners With Burlington For Heart Diease Awareness

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Singer and novelist Kelly Rowland truly has a heart of gold. Kelly has been very busy helping new moms feel more prepared for motherhood with the release of Whoa Baby. Now Rowland is plowing ahead to help even more women. In recent years the amount of women suffering from heart disease has risen. Therefore, now is the time to act and Kelly is up for the challenge! Learn what she is doing to make a difference… Kelly Rowland Partners With Burlington For Heart Diease Awareness.

Kelly Rowland Partners With Burlington For Heart Diease Awareness

Awareness is defined as the “state or condition of having knowledge; consciousness.” If you don’t know you have something there is no way to prevent issues or fix them. That is why knowledge truly is power. Being aware or conscious of a health problem gives you the power to take necessary action. Kelly Rowland is hoping to help more women become fully aware of the status of their health. She says,

“Did you know that 1 in 3 women die from heart disease? I’ve partnered with Burlington and Women Heart to raise awareness about the importance [of knowing about] heart disease in women! Donate to the cause at any Burlington and visit to find a store near you hosting a free heart health screening event. Knock out heart disease.”

Kelly has even taken the message to daytime TV. She appeared on the Dr. Oz show to talk about the Burlington/Women Heart campaign. Women Heart is the National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease. They aim to help women with as well as at risk for heart disease.

Women Heart also has virtual support meetings to provide peer support and valuable education. These networks are led by women truly understand because they have been there and done that. So then, be apart of Kelly’s campaign to fight against heart disease. Moreover, enjoy free virtual support by joining Women Heart here.

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