Keke Palmer Releases I Don't Belong to You

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We spy a new best-seller! Today Keke Palmer Releases I Don’t Belong to You, her new book showing how it is possible to get past negativity and find your own voice. Moreover, an excerpt from her new volume mentions, “This book is about you and I connecting, but it’s also about us separating ourselves from what is no longer useful. Detaching ourselves from moments, places, ideas and people that cloud our thinking, wrongly influence our perspectives and damage the way we see ourselves.” Therefore, ready to let go and let grow? Keke Palmer wants to help you accomplish just that!

Keke Palmer Releases I Don’t Belong to You

Palmer has always set her sights on being an author. She never gave up on the dream and worked hard to make it a reality. Nevertheless, if you have ever needed a little inspiration in order to reach a long term goal, let Keke be your motivation. Regarding her book she says,

“I have been dreaming of writing a book since I was 13. So funny all the things we think our lives will be like or look like when when we reach the destination we think we want. When the reality is there will always be ‘more’ depending on how we see it. I say that with a laugh because thankfully my awareness never lets me walk too far off the bridge because I know now to watch my thoughts.

I can laugh to myself and say, ‘Yes Keke, you have many other things you wish to do. But it’s okay to delight in this moment, you worked hard for this.’ And that I did.”

Mad shoutout to Miss Keke Palmer for learning and staying true to herself. Want to get your hands on a copy of her new book? Get yours here.

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