Kaylan Mahomes Breaks Internet With Family Pic

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Kaylan Mahomes Breaks Internet With Family Pic

If you ever need evidence or proof that “black does not crack;” last week you got it. An Indianapolis teen posted a photo on Twitter that broke the Internet. Thousands weighed in on a family picture posted by Kaylan Mahomes. The photo was taken in a car with a caption asking all to figure out who was Kaylan Mahomes, her mother and her twin. However, there was one small problem. All three ladies looked like they could be sisters!

It wasn’t just the fact that all three women were similar in appearance, they also looked to be the same age. The photo went on to be tweeted over 20,000 times. Such Internet and social media hysteria hadn’t been seen since “The Dress” of 2015. The dress photo that emerged a year ago had numerous people seeing a garment in different colors.

Nevertheless, Kaylan Mahomes’ photo had people searching and focusing on the tiniest of clues in order to figure out the answer. The ladies kept the fun going by also posting an additional video. Tweeters begged and pleaded for an answer and they finally got it. SPOILER: DO NOT KEEP READING IF DO NOT WANT THE ANSWER.

Kaylan Mahomes Breaks Internet With Family Pic2

After some time Kaylan Mahomes finally came clean and revealed the answer. Kaylan revealed she was on the far right, her mother was on the left, leaving her twin sister to be the beauty in the middle. It was also revealed that Kaylan as well as her twin are 16 and their mother is 35. This squashed the rumor that Mahome’s mother was 13 when she had her gorgeous girls. Moreover, other than being a fun picture game this showed that yes black does not crack!

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