Karen Walker Spring 2014 Ad Campaign

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If you are a lover of sunglasses then you will be blown away by the designs of Karen Walker for her spring 2014 collection. What artistry does Karen display for spring 2014? Large frames, bold colors and even leopard animal print permeate the design flavor of Walker’s collection for this season.

Nevertheless, what is even more exciting about this line of accessories is the pairing between Walker with artisans from the country of Kenya. Thanks to the United Nations’ ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative, Karen was connected with a group of Kenyan artisans that added their very own flair of fashion to the collection. Together these talented and stylish women were able to design and produce an unique line of embellished pouches that will be included with each pair of frames purchased.

This clearly demonstrates that amazing fashion can be found in any place of the world. It is a joy to see the compilation of hard work and construction of fabulous accessories by this group of women. Enjoy the photos of Karen Walker’s spring 2014 collection which are modeled by the artisans themselves.