Justine Skye High Ponytail Flipped To Side!

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Justine Skye High Ponytail Flipped To Side!

We cannot put it into exact words but there is just something absolutely hair-licious about a high ponytail reaching towards the heavens. If such a hairstyle could talk it would say something to the effect, “Hi, I’m a style and I’m like super fierce. What up?” Beyond that mix in some more dramatic attitude by flipping the script and pulling said hairstyle to the side and you’re just asking to command attention! The Purple Unicorn recently decided to let her tresses reign the hair game. The Justine Skye High Ponytail is what spring 2016 hair trends are all about and then some!

Justine Skye High Ponytail Flipped To Side!2

What’s not to love about the Justine Skye High Ponytail? It’s cool and modern thanks to her signature deep purple hair color. Plus, the volume of the tail makes the style seem less stiff and ridiculously fun to rock.

Nevertheless, what makes the voluminous tail such a nice touch is the sleekness leading up to the tail. To pull that off you will need a product with some serious holding power! All gels, pomades and edge control products are not created equal. Steer clear of of any gels that contain alcohol. Such gels will dry out your strands which is a major no-no if your goal is hair growth. Therefore, what are our suggestions for sculpting the Justine Skye High Ponytail?

Piece of cake! Here are two products that will have your hair laid in no time:

Justine Skye High Ponytail Flipped To Side!3


Justine Skye High Ponytail Flipped To Side!4


We recommend using the gel to mold the ponytail into place. Then use the edge control for any stubborn strands. Nevertheless, if your hair is being a total you know what, just apply the edge control all over the base and brush like you’re in an aerobics class. Happy ponytail creating dolls!

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