Jordan Craig Pregnancy Snapback Is Unreal!

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It’s like… did baby girl even have a baby? While the rest of us mere mortals struggle to develop an ab, stunning Jordy C. is already back at her fighting weight. We are not even mad, we are just simply in awe. Trust us ladies and gents when we say that the Jordan Craig Pregnancy Snapback Is Unreal!

Jordan Craig Pregnancy Snapback Is Unreal

It has barely been a month since Jordan Craig gave birth a beautiful, healthy baby boy. Back on December 12th she welcomed the newest tiny member of her family. Jordan excitedly reported the news of her bundle of joy on SM stating, “Everything else is just extra for me…because I’ve already got you. Being a mommy to you is the BEST gift I could ever receive!”

Beautiful expressions! Nevertheless, it looks like mommy has been doing a bang up job taking care of not just baby, but herself as well. A photo soon surfaced of Jordy thus solidfying the amazingness of the Jordan Craig Pregnancy Snapback.Literally, the weight was off and her fabulous petite shape was back front and center. You go girl!

However, snapping back for celebrities seems like a walk in the park. Halle Berry shed her pounds in no time flat and looked like Catwoman again. Teyana Taylor revealed rock hard abs it seems like a day after her son was born. Moreover, now there’s Jordy who can add her name to the snapback crew.

So what can we all glean from this? Yes, at times genes play a major role, but also what a lot of these ladies will tell you is that they consistently worked out all through their pregnancy. Moreover, whether expecting or not that is great advice to follow. Congrats once again Jordy on the baby boy and you look fantastic honey!

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