Janet Jackson "Unbreakable" World Tour 2015

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Janet Jackson Unbreakable World Tour 2015

Like we weren’t already up All Nite excited about the news of Janet’s return! Literally, hours ago Janet put out a few more tidbits to send fans into a music feeding frenzy. First up, a new black and white promo photo was released showcasing Jackson’s undeniable beauty and iridescent hair with a simple caption, “Janet Unbreakable World Tour.” It really doesn’t get any more official than that!

Beyond her catchy, classic songs Jackson is known for being an entertainer. Some of the top dancers from around the world have danced with Janet on tour so finding the right mix of rhythmic ladies and gents is beyond important. The search is on and here is a sneak peek of some of the hopefuls looking for a spot in the big show!

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