Janet Jackson to Release New Album!

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janet jackson to release new album 2015-2

Our music cups runneth over! For months, rumors have swirled and cups of tea have been sipped regarding whether or not Mrs. Jackson (because we nasty) would release new music. Jackson’s sound engineer, Ian Cross is spilling all the deets and Janet fans are going banana.

Cross was recently interviewed by Barefoot Sound where he mentioned that Janet has been busy recording all around the world which is why things were able to remain hush-hush for so long. However, the tight cap has popped off and news of the upcoming album is spreading like wildfire. Therefore, what can fans expect from Damita Jo this time around? Ian revealed:

“The new album is going to be great. It’s a process. There’s a lot in store, yet to come. I can’t go into too many details but I think Janet Jackson’s fans are going to be very excited about the new album, and I think people who don’t know her as fans are going to be excited about it too.”

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janet jackson to release new album 2015