Janet Jackson Has Been Getting 'No Sleep'...See Video!

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Janet Jackson Has Been Getting 'No Sleep'...See Her Video

Aww poor Ms. Jackson (yes, we nasty) has been hard at work for the music enjoyment of all her worldwide fans. This week photo evidence of Janet’s insane work schedule surfaced showing her and major director Dave Meyers taking a nap. The photo was very fitting due to the fact that Jackson’s latest single is entitled, No Sleep.

Nevertheless, dare we say that Janet looked absolutely gorgeous in the released snapshot? Moreover, we immediately zoned in on her killer cuff jewelry and over-sized ring. In the beauty department it looks as though Jackson up and decided to turn off the aging process for the last 22 years. Honesty, it is like she brought herself from 1993 and is just enjoying all the modern luxuries. In the photo Janet’s makeup is flawless with her perfectly shaped eyebrows and shimmery eye shadow that we are dying to get our hands on pronto!

Now if you are not excited from seeing Dave Meyers posing in Janet’s pic then you might need a little background information. Back in the day when music videos still kind of ruled the world music artists begged for the likes of Dave to direct their videos. Here is just a short list of artists that had Dave at the helm:

The Notorious B.I. G. (What’s Beef)

Jay-Z feat. Beanie Sigel (Do It Again [Put Ya Hands Up])

Sugar Ray (Falls Apart)

Juvenile (Back That Thang Up) Side Note: And we all still taking ova fo the 99 and 2000 LOL!

Britney Spears (Lucky)

DMX (Party Up)

Ja Rule feat. Christina Milian (Between Me And You)

Creed (With Arms Wide Open)

NSYNC ( This I Promise You)

Xzibit (X)

Missy Elliot (Get Your Freak On)

Aaliyah (More Than a Woman)

Janet Jackson (All For You)

Oh snaps you see what we did there (wink, wink)? The photo of Dave and Janet immediately had two words popping in our heads…music video. Janet is definitely in excellent hands because that list up there doesn’t even cover 10% of Meyer’s credits. The man has been apart of some of the biggest music videos ever made that have helped shape the industry as we know it.

The pair kind of also confirmed suspicions with their captions:

“Been up all night @JanetJackson @flytetymejam… the sun is up. Time for… #UnbreakableWorldTour #JANet #setlife”

-Dave Meyers

“What do you do after two 20 hour days? =D #NoSL333P #ConversationsInACafe”

-Janet Jackson

Well, enough talk let’s see what they did in just 48 hours! Also, the video was JUST released and has over 1 million views! Welcome back Janet we have missed you girl!


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