Janet Jackson Hairstyle -Her New Curly Look for the New Year!

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Janet Jackson Hairstyle

Serious question… is anyone else getting major Velvet Rope vibes? This week, Ms. Jackson debuted a new hair look and social media completely lost it. Everyone seems to stan an unproblematic queen as well as the Janet Jackson Hairstyle for 2019. Are you feeling her new fabulous curls?

Janet Jackson Hairstyle -Her New Curly Look for the New Year

Janet Jackson Hairstyle

At first glance, Janet’s curly do’ seems to be a modern take on an old classic. If you recall back when Got ’til It’s Gone, What About, Go Deep and I Get Lonely was ruling the charts; Janet rocked a head full of glamorous copper-red tone ringlets. The style is a look Janet not only used for her album cover that year, but in a plethora of videos and photoshoots.

Janet Jackson Hairstyle

Nevertheless, Jackson is back to performing and she seems to be back to one of her iconic hairstyles, i.e. VR days. Fans got a first glance and glimpse thanks to photographer, Solaiman Fazel. Fazel captured Janet backstage getting ready before she hit the stage out west in the United States. Janet was performing in the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas.

Now while there is a hard, fast rule that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Jackson’s new look broke that unspoken standard in all of two seconds. Janet Jackson posted a pic of herself posed in front of a mirror in all her curl glory with the caption, “New Year, new look.”

Janet Jackson Hairstyle

Will this iconic queen keep this look for the rest of the year? Probably not, because she is the master of reinvention. However, for now we love it and are glad to still she here switching up her chic hair game.

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