Janet Jackson And Uber Are An Unbreakable Force

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Janet Jackson And Uber Are An Unbreakable Force

Not too long ago in a galaxy not so faraway because guess what we are living in it! An icon and genius chauffeur service teamed up to become an Unbreakable force. On November 9th Uber and Janet Jackson announced their union bringing music and taxi service together.

This move does not come as a shock to any who have been following Jackson’s big comeback. Throughout the years the music industry has undergone numerous changes and adaptations in how artists are marketed. In times past there was no Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Facebook, Periscope or Snapchat to help get the word out. Other than budget set aside by major record labels musicians had a MySpace and even that was development that didn’t necessary help many go Diamond.

Janet Jackson And Uber Are An Unbreakable Force3

In a world when a young kid covering a top 10 hit in his or her bedroom can suddenly become a star; artists are having to use out of the box methods to get their music out to the masses. Relevancy today is literally based on clicks, likes, shares and reposts.

Janet Jackson and her team are meeting the challenge and then some. Jackson’s latest LP has been successfully moving units  even without a major press tour and the release of just one music video. Moreover, now Janet has changed the game once again by sharing her music with Uber passenengers.

According to a tweet from Janet:

“Sign up to @Uber w/code UNBREAKABLE- Get 1st ride free & digital copy of Janet’s new album!”

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us! Hitch a ride with Uber and gain new music from Ms. Jackson, if you’re nasty.

Janet Jackson And Uber Are An Unbreakable Force2