James Mullin Shows at El Paseo Fashion Week

James Mullin Shows at El Paseo Fashion Week
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For emphasis, rock stars slam guitars, hip hop artists drop microphones, James Mullin straight up dominates a runway seizing and securing the attention of spectators with perfect execution. It is fact that fashion is art, music is life and runway shows are a theatrical extravaganza. Mullin gave couture lovers exactly what they wanted a full production displaying cutting edge photography, sensational music as well as spectacular fashions.

Therefore, how did the audience respond to the showing of James Mullin’s collection during El Paseo Fashion Week? Thunderous applause peppered the enthusiasm of the crowd with much chatter of which design was the best look. The show encompassed dazzling floor-length gowns, graphic print dresses, alluring lingerie as well as swimwear. Just as we felt the denouement was near, Mullin sent out a gorgeous noire frock that received not only whistles and cheers, but a standing ovation by several members of the audience. Now that’s showmanship!

Pieces that we wanted to snap right off the runway and place gently into our closets included fun checkered dresses ( loved the modish retro vibe) and chic black and gold gowns. Moreover, we wanted to be caught dead in red, after laying eyes on a flowing rouge design embellished with just the right amount of sparkle. We are sure that this piece will be retired in fashion heaven.

Backstage we talked to James regarding his show and the exciting opening of his new store in Palm Desert, California on the famous El Paseo Drive. That’s right, for those on the west side you will be able to walk in and purchase a Mullin ensemble for your very own wardrobe. The store will open this spring and will boast a 40 foot runway inside! So then, be ready to strut your stuff in those favorite James Mullin attires ladies!