Ask and Tell: JACQUEMUS Les Carres Riviera Sunglasses on Jordyn Woods!

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JACQUEMUS Les Carres Riviera Sunglasses


The Item: Athleisure designer, fitness guru and actress, Jordyn Woods; soaking up some sun in a pair of JACQUEMUS Les Carres Riviera Sunglasses! Jordyn was spotted in her stunner shades while on vacation in Jamaica; in support of BFF Laurie Harvey. Singers Teyana Taylor, Normani as well as actress Ryan Destiny were also in attendance.

You Asked: I am living for all these photos of Harvey’s daughter and her friends on vacation! They are all beautiful. All stylish. And there is so much black girl magic in all of these pics! Thanks for sharing it in stories, but do you happen to know about Jordyn’s sunglasses?

They are so cute! I want them lol Are they expensive?

Ask and Tell: JACQUEMUS Les Carres Riviera Sunglasses on Jordyn Woods



The Verdict: Hi there! We got your DM and we have to agree; these ladies have been killing it in Jamaica! However, to answer your question; the sunglasses are normal priced for high-end designer sunglasses. That is, if you can find them!

These glasses are a HOT design that stores could not keep in stock. If you perform a quick search online for the Les Carres Riviera shades you will instantly notice that most retailers are sold out.

However, we did find a retailer or two who still have them, such as Gente Roma. Currently, they are selling each pair for $302. additionally, you can find them on Lyst with a starting price of $321.

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