Ivy Park x Adidas Icy Drip by Beyoncé, Gucci + Hailey-Fits Cold as ICE!

Ivy Park x Adidas Icy Drip
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Ivy Park x Adidas Icy Drip


BURRRRRR!! We hope you all are prepared and ready because this drip is just too COLD! Beyoncé has us ringing the alarm for her latest fashion release; the Ivy Park x Adidas Icy Drip Collection. A fashion drop featuring sleek, Blanc wintry designs to modernize streetwear like never before!

Ivy Park x Adidas Icy Drip by Beyoncé, Gucci + Hailey-Fits Cold as ICE!


Ivy Park x Adidas Icy Drip


Ask and you shall receive! Fans wanted a new drip from the Ivy Park label; and Bey is serving it so hard it froze over! And by all accounts Ivy Park lovers will be able to get their fashion hands on all the athleisure garb they seek beginning in February.

What kind of fashion and style is Beyoncé going for this go around? Think cute mountain wear with a sleek, modern yet cozy vibe. Yep, this collection will include alpine inspired streetwear embellished with elements such as ski tag prints as well as faux sheepskin.



Moreover, Adidas and the Ivy Park is making it abundantly clear that is will be a size inclusive release. So if you fear not finding something to will work for your fabulous physique, don’t fret. This lineup will come loaded with a large range of sizing.

What We Know So Far -New Sneaker Game



What is an Adidas collaboration without new shoewear? It’s what the Adidas brand is known for and Beyoncé is straight up delivering in this department! What’s on deck for fashion fans?

So far, the Queen Bey camp and Adidas entity is revealing that there plans to be five new shoe styles available for purchase. Moreover, if you’re looking through photos and notice some similarities to past drops; your eyes are not fooling you. Some Adidas x Ivy Park shoes are just getting a refresh and cool update.

Which style or styles are receiving the update treatment and what are some new designs in this collection? Look for the : Forum Lo, Forum Mid, Ivy Park Ultra Boost and Super Sneakers as well as the Super Sleek Boot! The Ivy Park x Adidas Super Sleek Boot is a spanking new addition to the lineup but it is CUTE! And we are confident it will have no problem in selling out… FAST.

What We Know So Far -Star Studded Ad Campaign


Ivy Park x Adidas Icy Drip


If you know anything about Beyoncé you know she is going to serve you up some visuals CHILD! And with her new Icy Drip drop she is continuing the tradition. To promote her new chic clothing Mrs. Carter has enlisted a few other famous faces to help spread and get the word out.

Who all makes an appearance in the new Icy Drip ad campaign? For starters, you can see hip hop artist and recent VERZUZ battle participant, Gucci Mane looking all sorts of good in his Ivy Park drip. Plus, in true rapper fashion he’s iced out beyond compare giving our eyes frost bite with all his eye-popping jewels. Just peep the ring for the starters, you can’t freaking miss it (Lol).



Additionally, you will also notice a little known top model who’s married to one of the biggest artists in pop music. Okay, we’ll stop playing… YUP, the supermodel herself, Hailey Bailey lends her talents and fame to the Ivy Park visuals. She can be seen sprawled across a snow mobile in a cute pink print ensemble. LOVE IT!


Ivy Park x Adidas Icy Drip


While Beyoncé, Gucci and Hailey would be plenty in order to make waves. That’s not all who make up the campaign’s cast. Word on the couture streets is that you can also spy Kaash Paige doing her thing as well. So hats off to Beyoncé for a great selection of campaign faces!

Ivy Park x Adidas -How and When to Get the Queen’s Collaboration!


Ivy Park x Adidas Icy Drip


Excited for this drop as much as we are?! Well, fortunately you will not have to wait to get your hands on it for long. It’s coming soon! Tentatively, the fashion grapevine is revealing that it will be released beginning on February 15th.

As soon as the official date drops you can head to Adidas stores to get your Ivy Park gear. OR beat the crowds and stay Covid safe by buying your collab pieces in the comfort of your own home. Just go to IVYPARK.com or ADIDAS.com and load up!



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