iPhone SE Announced To Be Released By Apple

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iPhone SE Announced To Be Released By Apple

Well, well, well it looks like the selfie gods finally decided to hear our prayers! If you have been gramming with the iPhone 6 or it’s even bigger sibling the iPhone 6 Plus you may have wondered if you have set yourself in line for developing a case of early arthritis. The 6’s came with a bigger screen (Yay!) but once you tacked on a protective phone case it seemed rather, you know… heavy. Apple may have noticed that the iPhone was on its way to looking like an iPad and went back in the lab to create a smaller iPhone that still possesses all the power we’ve become accustomed to, thus giving birth to the iPhone SE. iPhone SE will also comes with facetime app.

Yes gals, the iPhone SE is smaller which if you have small hands and have been dealing with the struggle of stretching your thumb beyond its natural reach to text you may want to look into this version. Or maybe trying to do that cute barely holding the phone finger pose in the mirror proved to be more difficult due to the volume button being much higher; once again you might want to check out the iPhone SE. So then, just how much smaller is the iPhone SE?

The size of this baby compares more to the length and girth of the iPhone 5. The phone will have a 4 inch screen and come complete with a 12 MP iSight camera. Apple also promises that the phone will operate like the iPhone 6s with faster LTE (thank you Yeesus), Voiceover and WIFI. Moreover, new microphones, 4K video, live photos and sick 63MP panorama photo taking will all be apart of the new iPhone tech picture.

iPhone SE Announced To Be Released By Apple2

The one thing we were most concerned about was also addressed. Apple also said that the iPhone SE will have “improved” battery life. If that truly is the case we are looking forward to running our IG, VSCO, Tumblr, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, camera and multiple Internet windows simultaneously. Lastly, we guess it would be a good thing to talk price right?

Prices seem to be a lot lower than we expected for an iPhone but you’ll still be shelling out a couple hundred for one. A 16GB SE will run you at least $399 while a 62GB will cost you just 100 more ($499). Get in your order early when pre-ordering begins on March 24th right before the actual phone release on March 31st.

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Cool Facts: Upon checkout you will have to select your color of choice, the iPhone SE will come in : Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and Space Gray.

iPhone SE Announced To Be Released By Apple3