Instyle Marc Jacobs

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There are so many delightful treats in the April 2012 Instyle. The information and spreads are so plentiful it is taking me awhile to really go through it. But this issue is well worth the purchase especially for me when you read Marc Jacobs Designer One- On- One interview.

If you ladies or gentlemen are anything like me my mood changes in the form of clothes, hair, and makeup on a regular bases. I just get bored and want to express myself in a different way. I always feel the need to have a signature style to rock. With this in mind, I go out purchasing all types of clothes then two weeks later begin wondering why do I have several button down shirts in my closet and hate them all. Not only is this draining on the pocket book but also becomes frustrating due to feeling like you have nothing to wear even though your close is full.

Marc Jacobs gave some really good information on this whole phenomenon and I would like to share just a bit. I highly recommend buying a copy so you can read the whole thing.


Marc Jacobs- “ Be open! If you dress to suit your mood-as you should- you don’t need a signature look.”

Is it important for a woman to have a signature look?

Why should you have a look you stick to? Fashion should be bold colors and bright prints one day, and soft pastels and lace the next day. Really- indulge your mood and whims. You don’t leave a rock concert feeling the way you do after you’ve heard a symphony, so why always feel and look the same way?