What The?! Did Instagram Copy Snapchat With Instagram Stories?

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What The Did Instagram Copy Snapchat With Instagram Stories

Snapchat has been kicking serious social media butt and it looks like Instagram is feeling the heat. Today as in August 2, 2016 Instagram announced to the world that now users can release Instagram Stories. In a nutshell it is basically just like Snapchat just for the Gram.

Did Instagram Copy Snapchat With Instagram Stories?

We almost spilled our Starbucks during our morning meeting as we discussed the what’s hot now topics of the day. Upon perusing Instagram’s newest feature we have to admit that the similarities are uncanny. Instagram Stories just seems like a carbon copy of SC.

For instance, IGers can make stories by uploading videos and photos to give their followers a look into their day to day activities. The kicker is that these stories can be viewed for 24 hours and then they disappear. Sound familiar?

What The Did Instagram Copy Snapchat With Instagram Stories4

Snapchat had transformed the social media scene by being a safe haven for those wanting a little more privacy. Unlike Facebook that wants to know your age, birth date, name, job history, tax return, email, phone number, blood type and cell tissue sample. Snapchat attracted users with their “we don’t want your information” vibe. Also, there was the lack of company advertisements that was appealing as well.

If you wanted to be bothered with company stuff they had to wait and be “discovered.” In Snapchat’s discovery page you would literally have to click on a brand in order to see their content. Therefore, you are the one in full control of the content you wish to see.

Lastly, the secrecy and fun of sending little video and photo gems that disappear in 10 seconds or less was also a draw. Moreover, if you wanted to chronicle your entire day to your friends you could make a Snapchat story that would also eventually disappear. Therefore, SC was the cool kids social escape.

But Wait There’s More!

There are more comparisons than just timing. Instagram Stories come complete with filters to jazz things up a bit. Once again, sound familiar? SC had added filters that allowed their users to write on photos and videos. Filters also included funny outfits and makeup additions. Filters could be done solo or with a friend.

What The Did Instagram Copy Snapchat With Instagram Stories5

Instagram has added this little feature to their stories line-up too. They say that Grammers can write and draw on videos and photos using what they call a “neon marker.” Plus, if drawing is not enough you can add a filter in order to make your Instagram story more spirited.

Do you live and die for emojis? No fear you can apply those to your Gram stories as well. Basically, anything you loved about Snapchat is now on Instagram.

If You Forget History You Are Bound To…

Social panties may be in a bunch over this move but this kind of takeover is nothing new. Remember Vine? When Vine first made its appearance it was fresh, new and socially innovative. A platform that utilized video and pushed the creativity of their users. Just a few seconds of recording was given in order to create a Vine masterpiece. Nevertheless, Vine instantly became a favorite and gained mass attention.

That was until Instagram stole all the thunder and added video capabilities. Instagramers even dubbed that day as the end and destruction of Vine. Instagram shut it down by allowing people to not just post videos but longer ones to boot. No more constraints of less than 10 seconds. Moreover, as time has progressed videos have been able to extend time wise to be super long.

Vine didn’t come to an end but it never fully reached its true potential. There’s no telling how much bigger the brand would of become without any interference. However, that’s just “business.”

What The Did Instagram Copy Snapchat With Instagram Stories2

They Wanted Their Toys

Remember when you were little and you wanted what another kid had but you couldn’t have it? Instagram has no chill and unlimited funds to get whatever another company has and won’t give them. See where we are going with this?

If we go back in a time a bit we come to the part in history where IG had tried to convince Snapchat to sell. Snapchat in response said, “Go snap yourselves!” SC refused to be bought out even with an over 3 billion price tag. The owners of Snapchat knew they had something special and they were not going to have the mighty dollar sway them from their goals.

As a result, SC became a major rival of IG. People enjoyed using both Instagram and Snapchat equally. Both apps and platforms had a different appeal yet kept users entertained. However, now it seems that IG wants to stamp out SC just like Vine. Will IG win the battle of social media? Only time shall tell.

The Plus

Mama always taught us to look on the bright side of things. If you are the type of person who loathes having to switch back and forth between social accounts this move may seem heaven sent. Or if you are a company and the idea of having to build up another following across multiple platforms makes you grind teeth. Then once more the Instagram Stories addition may just be music to your ears.

Instagram is quietly aiming to make itself the social one stop shop. Actually Instagram is not so quiet about it (LOL). Insta lovers have already shared their thoughts on Instagram Stories. Some are saying IG is now the Melania Trump of social media. Others just kept it 99 plus one saying they can’t believe IG straight out copied Snapchat.

For whatever reason IG has decided to add their own version of “Snapchat” to their app remains questionable. We may never get a truthful answer about it but it does begin pose a few questions. Is this considered stealing? At what point does a platform become a monopoly? Does Instagram feel it is losing its grip on what’s cool and can no longer create original innovations? Instagram doesn’t need to a fear a thing because EVERYONE loves it. Nevertheless, it would be great if they stayed in their own lane.

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