Instagram Adds Zoom in Their Newest Update! Help!

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Instagram Adds Zoom in Their Newest Update! Help!

Instagram has done it yet again, adding a brand new feature in their latest update. What could be the worst nightmare of any girl on the Gram? How about the ability for people to power zoom into all your photos? The horror has begun, Instagram adds zoom capabilities in their most recent update.

Instagram Adds Zoom in Their Newest Update

As we sit checking out this new feature and sipping our cafe mochas we can’t help but think that stalking is about to go to a whole other level. Let’s face it everyone does it. We all have ended up on someone’s friend of a cousin second removed ex-boyfriend slash niece profile. Yet such researching has never allowed anyone to get a close range scope of a photo.

Now every zit, imperfection, fashion malfunction and over-edit will proudly be on display. Plus, we are sure the thirst will be at an all time high as users zoom in to get a better view of any lady bits. Also, shall we forget those who may wish to zoom in to see who all made up the squad, even the person all the way in the back.

Nevertheless, if you thought the addition of DMing was bad this feature should be a real riot. Just wait till some dude is up at 4 a.m. dissecting your lip shape. God speed dolls, god speed.

Instagram Adds Zoom -Why?

The fact that Instagram adds zoom to their app highlights a few things. One, they really know their consumer. They know there are those who are all over people’s pages and want to see every last detail. Also, IG recognizes they need to innovate to keep up with the big boys.

With Snapchat gaining more and more popularity Instagram has obviously felt the sting of competition. Moreover, that pinch is probably what led up to their kinda sad imitation of SC stories. Instagram Stories was met with buzz but many simply aren’t using it. Instagram started as a photo sharing app and it will die that way.

Jeez, that was morbid. Anyway, the point is IG wants to keep users guessing and on their toes. Its like when soda companies try out a new flavor. Its all done to keep consumers buying into their product and their products alone.

Instagram really does not need to worry about a single thing. We all love the freaking app. It’s fun, creative, a good way to market and a nice shot of confidence every now and then. All the additions and extras are not really necessary. How many times after there is an update you hear someone say, “Man, I miss the old Instagram!”

When it comes to the Gram we are all simple creatures. Apply makeup, select bomb outfit, set lighting, snap photo, filter and photoshop self till slightly still recognizable then post to stunt on all the Hoes (LOL). Well, maybe not all of that but you get the point. Happy zooming everyone.

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 Instagram Adds Zoom