India Westbrooks Wears Digby Jackson Chemical Plant Overalls

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Here’s a little bit of fashion truth: Overalls are basically cool from pre-school up to 2nd grade. Then they quickly lose their appeal. However, a new crop of awesome designers are taking this classic and giving it a fresh remixed modern spin. Our favorite pick of this sudden overall revival hails from a couture genius stationed in London town. Check out his unique vision… India Westbrooks Wears Digby Jackson Chemical Plant Overalls.

India Westbrooks Wears Digby Jackson Chemical Plant Overalls

Ugh… we just love edgy couture! The Digby Jackson Chemical Plant Overalls ooze effortless cool vibes. Miss India Westbrooks took one of her recent photo shoots to new levels by adorning herself with head-to-toe Digby Jackson fashions.

The petite beauty wore the stylish Chemical Plant Overalls/Dungarees with yeti shoes. Moreover, she mixed retro with revision by opting to forgo a shirt. Google the chick from Come On Eileen and you will see exactly what we mean. Furthermore, the overalls are so fashion forward that its unisex. Both girls and boys can kill it so we have to tip our hats off to Jackson for such a versatile design.

Nevertheless, India is in good celebrity company when it comes to wearing the DJ brand. Serayah, Fergie Ferg as well as Sofia Richie have all worn Digby Jackson digs. Its the cool kids brand and we are excited to witness the full on fashion domination in the future.

Hair Notes: If you are going to wear clothing that’s already “in your face” it is best to keep hair simple. Doing so has two fold benefits. One you will not overpower your outfit allowing the focus to remain on your statement pieces. Also, you will keep the look very clean instead of overworked.

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