NEW Music: Developing Artist India Westbrooks Releases Trouble

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India Westbrooks Releases Trouble

Model? Of course. Musical artist? Well, it’s a slow but steady uphill drive for the gorgeous, India Love! With her single LOCO already in the books, Instagram and reality darling, India Westbrooks Releases Trouble. For sure, a more sultry, stinging yet velvety drop from the petite beauty.

NEW Music: Developing Artist India Westbrooks Releases Trouble

India Westbrooks Releases Trouble

Being a developing artist, India Westbrooks has been putting in some serious time in the studio in order to hone in on her sound. While her bread and butter is still modeling, the stunning social star is continuously stretching her entertainment prowess; thus, the move into music. In regards to her latest single as well as accompanying music video, India states,

“Wanted my next single and visual to be something special and “Trouble” us only the beginning. Shout out to Worldstar for the video premiere. OUT NOW!”

Nonetheless, without fans loving your music, your single is going nowhere. However, India supporters feel like Trouble is a step in the right direction. Here is what they are saying:

“Yasss, the harmony of the song mixed with the calmness of your voice. Art.”

“I like this one.”

“Yes way better than your other song.”

“Been excited for new music since Loco dropped.”

“I loooooooved it sis! So sexy.”

“Mad soothing.”

“Here for it I like her voice.”

“The visuals are everythingggg.”


“Hol upppp now, this giving me drivin’ late night vibes.”

“Okay, okay this is way better than Loco.”

“The visuals are beautiful.”

“I love it! Keep doing your thang.”

“Told you this was the one. So proud of you.”

India Westbrooks Releases Trouble

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