Making Big Moves: India Westbrooks Music with on the Way!

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India Westbrooks Music

On snap! India Westbrooks music could be headed to a set of earphones or Spotify near you! The Instagram converted megastar hinted at a possible music collaboration with Black Eyed Peas mastermind, India teased fans by posting a set of photos of herself in a music studio.

The photos consist of Westbrooks sitting in front of a studio control board as well as laying down vocals in a recording booth. India tagged in the photos and added the simple caption, “Couple months back. Stay tuned. It’s coming.”

Sounds like the project is definitely official. Nevertheless, keeps bringing all of us muscial surprises! Just a few weeks ago he revealed that the Black Eyed Peas are back in the game. On June 3rd they will be performing at the UEF Champions League Open Ceremony sponsored by Pepsi.

India Westbrooks Music

Making Big Moves: India Westbrooks Music On the Way

Back to the subject at hand, it looks like India fans are already gearing up for Westbrooks’ music debut! Many are just as curious as us wondering what kind of music India will drop. As well as will she sing or rap. Only time shall tell. Until then here are some more fan reactions we collected in regards to India Westbrooks music career:


“DO ittttttt!”

“Are you going to be rapping or singing?”

“Gurl are you coming thru with some vocals?”

“Lemme find out you bouta drop a banger! We gonna have to link and work.”

“Do your thing thing baby girl!”

“She sing now?”

“Can’t wait.”

“Girl I love you already… you come out with some new stuff I may lose it.”

India Westbrooks Music

“Can’t wait till y’all drop that fire.”

“She does music now?”

“Waiting to hear this.”

“Congratulations! I know your music will have a great sound. Keep doing the right things. Your inspiration is needed.”

“Wait.. she can sing too? Since when? Well… I’ll listen to it.”


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