Increase Shine With Egg and Banana Hair Treatment

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Increase Shine With Egg and Banana Hair Treatment

Got head full of dull, lifeless looking strands? Do not fear a natural egg and banana hair treatment is here! Eggs and bananas are two wonderful foods that are actually great for your hair too. Why are they so effective?

Bananas being rich in potassium can restore elasticity, add strength and minimize breakage. Moreover, bananas can hydrate strands thus keeping dry, flaky scalp issues at bay. Eggs can also cure dandruff and help make hair stronger. This is because strands are composed of seventy percent protein (keratin) just like eggs. Therefore, introducing more protein into the mix can give hair the conditioning it really needs. The protein, fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants found in eggs takes brittle tresses and makes roots as well as follicles stronger.

The Egg and Banana Hair Treatment

  1. Combine one mashed up banana with one egg.
  2. Mix together yet keep the mixture thick.
  3. Apply the egg and banana paste to strands and let it sit for fifteen to thirty minutes.
  4. Wash and condition hair as usual.

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Increase Shine With Egg and Banana Hair Treatment2