Iman Cosmetics Fall 2018 Urban Legends Collection-Beauty For Your Skin Tone

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Iman Cosmetics Fall 2018 Urban Legends

Time to take some notes and learn from a living legend! Yes, supermodel Iman is releasing her latest decadent makeup collection, Iman Cosmetics Fall 2018 Urban Legends. This line is PACKED with essentials and goodies. You will find everything necessary to help you conceal, highlight and enhance your natural beauty!

Iman Cosmetics Fall 2018 Urban Legends Iman Cosmetics Fall 2018 Urban Legends

Urban Legends divinely incorporates over 10 products that are luxuriously radiant. What’s up for grabs? With this fall lineup you can snag:

  • Luxury Concealing Foundation $16
  • Semi- Loose Powder
  • Luxury Contour Trio $16
  • Luxury Highlighter (check out shades “Gold Digger” and “Glamour Girl” they are BOMB) $10
  • Perfect Eye Shadow Pencil (comes in shades such as “Seduction” and “Intrigue”) $10
  • Eye -Con Kit
  • Perfect Eyebrow Pencil $8
  • Amplify Mascara
  • Perfect Eye Pencil
  • Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick $8
  • Luxury Lip Shimmer $8

Iman Cosmetics Fall 2018 Urban Legends

What do we have our eye on? A few must-haves in our humble beauty opinion are: a GORGEOUS royal purple Luxury Matte Lipstick in “Fetish”; Emerald Green City-esqe, Perfect Eye Shadow Pencil in “Deception;” and very on trend brown Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick in Rebel.

Iman Cosmetics Fall 2018 Urban Legends -Beauty For Your Skin Tone

Iman Cosmetics Fall 2018 Urban Legends

So then, what does Iman Cosmetics have to say about the fall collection and what type of girl it is perfect for? The luxury brand reveals,

“Introducing Iman Cosmetics Fall 2018 Urban Legends! Avaliable at [The woman who wears Urban Legends], like magic, she is undefinable, serving legendary looks that leave a lasting impression. Her subtlety entices with the innocence of dreamy eyes and the intrigue of a deep seductive lip. With jeweled eyes and lips as rich as midnight, she is a deep and defiant mystery.

Fiercely confident, elusive and mysterious, she is a goddess. Strong, smoldering eyes and defiantly sexy lips. She is as unpredictable as magic. She is an Urban Legend.”

LOVE IT! Therefore, if you love to create dazzling, hypnotic smoky eyes, with in your face lip color such as a bold red lip; then this collection will be right up your alley.

Iman Cosmetics Fall 2018 Urban Legends -Beauty For Your Skin Tone (Continued)

Iman Cosmetics Fall 2018 Urban Legends

One last word on this collection before we wrap things up. There is an eyeshadow palette so don’t freak (LOL). It is listed up above with the other items, it is called the Eye-Con Kit. This kit of shadows allows you to play around with four different types of looks. Iman Cosmetics categorizes them as: Classic Smoky, Golden Radiance, Edgy Emerald, and Cool Violet. Each category is a trio of tones giving you a total of 12 shades to play with!

But wait, there’s more. Hang on to your beauty blenders and brushes dolls. This awesome palette also comes with an eyebrow as well as eye pencil! Which means you literally have every eye product you need in order to design an awesome eye look! Your brows, liner and eyeshadow is all taken care of for you.

Furthermore, this kit gets its inspiration straight from looks created on Iman in the past by her celebrity MUAs (makeup artists)! Therefore, if you always love how Iman’s makeup looks on the red carpet; then this kit will help you achieve a similar finish. If you would like just to purchase this palette all on it’s on, it retails for $15.

Iman Cosmetics Fall 2018 Urban Legends

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