I Promise School Founded by Lebron James-Empowering Kids in Akron

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I Promise School

Knowledge is power! NBA superstar Lebron James is keeping his promise to not only give back to his community; but to empower the future generation to new levels of success. James took a huge step by opening up his very own school in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. The I Promise School will aim to educate, inform, as well as remove common obstacles facing students today.

I Promise School Founded by Lebron James-Empowering Kids in Akron

I Promise School

WE ARE FAMILY. At least that is Mr. Lebron James’ approach to education. Children, parents and faculty all need to come together as one in order to help every child reach higher. Nonetheless, today everyone from the staff down is inundated with numerous challenges.

For example, teachers do not always have the tools, equipment or books they need to teach. Parents may not make enough to give or provide their children with the necessities going to school may require. Moreover,  sadly many students now can not even have a noontime meal. For instance, in California it is estimated that 1 in 5 school children go hungry every day.

I Promise School

A meal may not seem to go hand in hand with education, but it does. A good meal can not only provide the energy a child may need, but also the brain power to compute the lessons being taught. The Lebron I Promise School is set up to face such teaching challenges head on.

I Promise School Founded by Lebron James-Empowering Kids in Akron … Amazing Benefits

I Promise School

Therefore, what benefits will James’ school offer to those who enroll? The school reveals:

  • Free tuition
  • Provide free uniforms
  • Free bicycle and helmet
  • Offer free transportation within 2 miles of the school
  • Offer free breakfast, lunch and snacks
  • Food pantry for families
  • GEDs and job placement services for parents
  • Guaranteed tuition to the University of Akron for every student who graduates

As one can see, Lebron James’ educational endeavor is taking the school system and infusing it with old school values. Helping parents, teachers and students to get the job done and done well. Today’s world wants students to feel like learning is a privilege not a right. When in essence it is the exact opposite.

I Promise School

Every child deserves the right to learn so that they may succeed in the future. Every child deserves the right to have the same opportunities as those who have more than them. When it comes to education we should all be on the same playing field and Lebron James is starting the movement in these modern times to accomplish just that.

I Promise School Founded by Lebron James-Empowering Kids in Akron … Community Reaction

We are not the only ones excited about the opening of Lebron’s school! Many took to social media including James’ friends to congratulate and express their gratitude for Lebron’s moving contribution to the community of Akron, Ohio. Here are a few of their positive and encouraging thoughts:

“Today my brother, friend and business partner, Lebron James, has made an amazing mark in history; by opening his own school her in our hometown of Akron, Ohio. We are all witnesses!”

Ernie Ramos

“Lebron James, the human platform, opened the I Promise School today! The kid from Akron is giving the kids from Akron hope, which is the key to life!”

Maverick Carter

I Promise School

This is very dope.”

This is everything! Proud you are from Ohio!”


“Modern day Robin Hood. You’re a hero bro. Real talk.”

“This man is so dope. This how you use your status and influence to make an impact.”

“Thanks King and if you ever need a former engineer to come speak to the students. I’ll be available. #AuntieLoni.”


“There you go Bron and Team. So dope. Educate, Motivate, and Pass it on! Proud of you guys and appreciate you man.”

“I respect this more than any championship or MVP award. Respect.”

“For the culture.”

“This by far is bigger than anything he’s done on a basketball court. Changing the lives of the children here in my hometown.”

I Promise School Founded by Lebron James-Empowering Kids in Akron … Conclusion

I Promise School

Lebron is certainly leaving his mark with the I Promise School. This school is not something that came by accident. James identifies with the children of Akron because he faced a lot of things they did before becoming a NBA champion. Regarding this Lebron states,

“I know exactly what these 240 kids are going through… because I’ve been there. They’re the reason why this school is here today.”

Therefore, much love to James and students of the I Promise School. We look forward to seeing all the great things they achieve as well as seeing others step up, and  continue to give back to the community that helped make them as well.

I Promise School

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