How to Thicken Eyelashes

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How to Thicken Eyelashes2

Every time we turn on the television or surf the Internet we are constantly bombarded with imagery of models or celebrities with thick, long and luscious looking eyelashes. They look great and we want to bat our eyes wielding some major beauty power too. Those of us that don’t wake with a makeup artist on our speed dial need a little bit of help to achieve the same dramatic look.

A simple and cheap solution to make your eyelashes look thicker is to apply baby powder. Yes, that white stuff for babies can do wonders for your peepers. Therefore, how can you use baby powder to thicken your eyelashes?

Before applying mascara use your fingers or a brush to apply a bit of powder to your lashes. After that, apply your mascara of choice to seal the deal. And there you have it, a budget friendly solution to make your eyes really pop.

How to Thicken Eyelashes