How to Stop Oily Nose - Simple 3 Step Makeup Fix

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How to Stop Oily Nose

Beauty Quickie: Nose shining brighter than a reindeer? Is your face producing a serious glare in your Instagram pics? Well, okay that last one is pretty dramatic; nonetheless, it’s time to get control of this popular oily area once and for all! If you want to know how to stop oily nose issues all you will need is JUST 3 PRODUCTS.

No drama, no sweat, just plain awesome skin results. This makeup fix is a tried and true remedy suggested by our professional makeup artist friends. In order to do it all you need is eyeshadow primer (Say what?! Yup, just bare with us on this one Lol); makeup setting spray and of course, your foundation of choice. Let’s go!

How to Stop Oily Nose – Simple 3 Step Makeup Fix

How to Stop Oily Nose

Below you will find the steps for stopping an oily nose from raiding your beauty parade as well as a product suggestion.

Step One: Apply eyeshadow primer to your nose. This may seem odd but this product contains awesome oil controlling properties.

Step Two: Next, spray your nose with a makeup setting spray.

Step Three: Lastly, stipple or dot on your foundation in small touches. By doing these 3 things you will help your nose stay under control all day!

Fixing and how to stop oily nose problems via makeup is one of the top questions all of you have been DMing and emailing us about. We hope that this Beauty Quickie helps eliminate the issue for you, for good.

Now time for the product suggestion. We asked our expert MUAs (makeup artists) buddies to spill the beauty beans on what’s a good primer to use. They suggest Urban Decay Primer Potion. It blends well, strong against oil and is long-lasting. Get yours now for less than $25!

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