How to Sleep Better- Sleeping Tips to Wake Up Refreshed and Energized Naturally!

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How to Sleep Better

How to sleep better naturally? Raise your hand if you have ever opened your eyes in the morning and felt like a big pile of Jell-o and death? As kids our parents tell us that we just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. But as we get a little older we realize that life is a bit more complicated. Anxiety, lack of movement, jet lag and even what we drink can mess up a good night’s rest. Therefore, in this article we will reveal some helpful sleeping tips that will enable you to wake up refreshed and energized so that you can hit the ground running; and have an amazing day!

How to Sleep Better- Sleeping Tips to Wake Up Refreshed and Energized Naturally

Fluff those pillows babes! Grandma wasn’t lying when she said you needed your beauty rest. Seriously, if you don’t sleep well at night, one look in the mirror the following morning usually tells the tale. Dark under-eyes, heavy “bags” and skin that looks quite dull. It’s clear that sleep is important for the inside as well as for us physically on the outside. So what works?

I Like to Move It Move It: It’s not just a great song, it’s GREAT ADVICE! Exercise is a major key to sleeping better at night. To gain the most benefit you have to commit to being consistent. Regular exercise helps to increase the amount of time you spend in the DEEP, restorative stages of sleep.



Which literally means that the more vigorous you workout, the more powerful sleep benefits you’ll experience! Also, when you regularly exercise you will feel less sleepy during the day; plus improve symptoms of sleep apnea as well as insomnia.

Sleeping Tips- (Continued)



Cup Size Matters: No not that … we are referring to cups of coffee. Many enjoy a nice cup of brew to get their morning started; and that’s fine. But you should definitely have a cut off point.

A cup of Joe may be harmless early on, but having caffeine late in the day can have you up and “wired” all night. So save yourself the agony of tossing and turning by avoiding caffeine way late in the day.

Have a Bed Time: As kids our parents made us hit the sac at the same time every night. Why? So that we could get up in the morning! And honestly that is still true as adults.

To get more sleep you should aim to go bed at the same time each night; AND get up at the same time each morning. This is not always easy to do. But the payoff is great sleep. Your body will become used to the routine and literally help you stick to your bedtime and get up in the morning. Try it… after doing this consistently you’ll notice yourself feeling sleepy at your selected time and waking up right on schedule in the mornings.



How to Sleep Better- More Sleeping Tips to Wake Up Refreshed and Energized Naturally!

Baby Don’t Have the Blues: It’s common sense that bright light will keep you up. But we may not always think about the blue light coming from our devices (like your phone or computer); as being an enemy of sleep. Yet it is (LOL).


How to Sleep Better


While it is tempting to watch 80 YT tutorials, scroll your TL and catch up on the latest Pins and tweets. All that distraction WILL keep you up and before you know it, you’ve been up all night. So make a pact with yourself, at a certain time stop using your devices. Put them down, turn them off, put them across the room; or whatever you have to do in order to quit.

We are attached to our phones. So we understand this may be hard for you. However, by reducing blue light in the evening you can have an easier time falling asleep.

Please Don’t Stop the Music: Rihanna must get tons of rest with advice like that! To sleep well you must be relaxed. Don’t focus so much on falling asleep, focus on winding down from your day; relaxing and calming. When you are relaxed your body can drift off to sleep easier.

One way to do this is by listening to soothing music. Ever been to a spa for a massage or facial? Those water and nature sounds playing in the back isn’t just to drown out outside noise, they’re trying to knock you out (Lol); or at the very least make you super relaxed. In a relaxed state your whole body and muscles loosen; making rejuvenation possible.

How to Sleep Better


So try this technique at home. If you don’t have enough soothing songs on your Spotify check out YouTube. Search for nature songs for sleep and several videos will pop up. Some lasting for hours ensuring you’ll be knocked out before it finishes.

How to Sleep Better