How to Make a Messy Bun - 5 Styling Tips to Get Zendaya's Look!

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How to Make a Messy Bun

Want to look as hot as a Victoria’s Secret supermodel? Or how about one of the most talented starlets of Young Hollywood? Well, then we suggest you perfect the messy bun as of yesterday. This style is a favorite on the Gram as well as your favorite celebrities. However, as easy as it may seem, looking undone while not being undone is not always a walk in the park. Nevertheless, no need to fear, we have several tricks on How to Make a Messy Bun!

How to Make a Messy Bun – 5 Styling Tips to Get Zendaya’s Look

Yes, you can rock designer garb with a messy bun and still look high-end! See that is the true beauty of this hairstyle. It is extremely versatile. Can be worn during the daytime or at night. To a pool party or classy dinner date with your man.

An excellent example of this hair look is Spiderman Homecoming’s Zendaya. Our girl was on her merry way to the Vogue Paris Foundation Gala when we spotted her looking glam with the messy bun hairstyle. We love the easy, breezy vibe of Zendaya’s hair. Gorgeous without feeling stuffy. Fashion Side Bar- That ensemble Zendaya is wearing is a design by Viktor and Rolf. Aye!

How to Make a Messy Bun

How to Make a Messy Bun

Alright, now the real fun begins. It’s your turn to get the look. Here are few tricks to help make it happen.

Twist and Shout- Twisting strands is an easy hack for creating a cool messed up chignon look. Simply twist the entire tail or parts of it until coiling occurs. Then use bobby pins to secure hairs and design a messy bun.

OMG! You’re Such a Tease!– Creating volume and roughing up your strands a bit is major key when creating a messy bun. The volume ensures the hair gains a little more shape. While gently “roughing” up tresses through teasing helps the style look less than perfect. So take out those combs and get busy dolls.

Hang Loose- Normally having a hair out of place in Girl World is a sentence worse than death. However, when rocking a messy bun you want that slightly disheveled effect. Get it by first creating the style and then gently pulling hair loose from the bun. Also, having loose strands framing the face makes for a very sexy look. You will look like you rolled out of bed looking as flawless as the Queen Bey.

Finger Play- Now we know your parentals probably told you it is wrong to play with your food. Yet, when it comes to your hair all bets are off! Instead of using styling utensils such as a hair comb or brush to pull strands back securely into a ponytail. Use your fingers to work tresses into this style. The result will be a little messier than normal. Which is good because you want the hairstyle to look “lazy” without seeming like you faked it or tried to hard to achieve it.

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