How to Create Bantu Knots and Why!

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How to Create Bantu Knots and Why

No, these are not mini-buns as some have began to refer to this hairstyle. What is shown in the various photos within this post is a natural black hairstyle that is known as Bantu Knots. How can you recreate this style and why might you want to wear it?

Let’s start with the latter portion of the above question first. Here is a quick stat that is proving that black women want to show off the true beauty of their locks. Sales for perms and relaxers are drastically declining as more and more women opt for healthier hair options. Chemicals used in those harmful relaxers have led to burns, unhealthy scalps and hair loss that for some have resulted in baldness.

Since more women are jumping on the natural bandwagon this means more natural hairstyles need to come to the fore. Bantu Knots are perfect for fun, causal outings and can even help you achieve a cute curl pattern without using heat by performing a twist out. Less heat can mean less damage for your precious tresses.

How to Create Bantu Knots and Why3

You may start off like this…

How to Create Bantu Knots and Why4

But end like this…

How to Create Bantu Knots and Why5

Or this.

Moreover, when styling this hairstyle you will be adding moisturizer/oils which will help give your hair the much needed hydration it needs. Black hair tends to be dry so it is essential to add moisture to your locks often. Doing so will encourage healthy hair growth and stronger hair.

Therefore, how can one design Bantu Knots? Now, for anyone girl who has ever attempted this hairstyle there is a trick to it. Watch the following video to see in real time how to get the Bantu Knot style easily and simply!

See it is not too bad right? Well, that is why even our little divas can use this style to their cute advantage too! This next video demonstrates how to create Bantu Knots using the double strand twist method. It is shown on a tiny cutie pie but really even us older gals can use this same technique.

That’s all she wrote! Have fun creating those mini-buns, oh we mean Bantu Knots (wink, wink)!

How to Create Bantu Knots and Why2

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