How to Choose the Perfect Red Hair Color for Dark Skin Tones

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Tyra Banks is always saying you need to be fierce. Well if red hair isn’t fierce then I don’t know what is. You know picking the right shade of red can do wonders on enhancing your complexion, and drawing attention to your eyes. If you’re afraid of going with a full color change why not add red highlights through the hair and see how you like it. This year redheads are having the most fun.

Follow these tips below:

Tip 1

If you’re not sure of your skin tone, ask a professional for their opinion. They’ll advise you on your coloring and what will and won’t work for you.

Tip 2

Darker and olive skin tones should stick with the cooler red shades.

Tip 3

Burgundies and violet-based colors will flatter brown skin tones best.

Tip 4

New to being a redhead? Avoid very light reds, such as strawberry blonde and bright auburn. Deep mahogany reds are subtle and a great introduction into red hair color for your skin tone.

Tip 5

For a fun look, try having panels of slightly different reds applied throughout your hair. This dimensional look is eye-catching and far from ordinary for those who like to get noticed.

Tip 6

If you plan on coloring your hair at home, choose a red hair color kit that is labeled burgundy red or violet red. If you’re in doubt, take down the toll free number of the company who makes the kit and ask for recommendations.