How Often to Clean Beauty Blender -The Straight Up Answer

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How often to Clean Beauty Blender

Beauty Quickie: How often to Clean Beauty Blender when it is used regularly? Darlings this one is simple! However, we can easily understand the confusion. With numerous makeup influencers expressing how their blender made it 7 months out with no rips; it is a thrilling prospect to see just how long these babies can last. It’s the whole “I know my car and it can go 80 more miles on E” thinking.

However, your face is not a car. While you may tempt fate before hitting a gas station; you can’t be as forgiving with your face region. Going too long before cleaning a beauty blender can result in experiencing unwanted breakouts, clogged pores, exposure to bacteria and the ultimate worst… premature aging skin. All of that can happen just from using dirty products. EW!

Therefore, make sure that you are cleaning your blenders after every use. Say WHAT?! Yes, ideally this is what you should be doing. Once you are finished using your beauty blender for a flawless application it should be cleaned.

How Often to Clean Beauty Blender -The Straight Up Answer

If you find that your sponge friend is really filthy. Simply toss into your washing machine and it will be thoroughly cleansed and good for future use. Keep in mind that the better you care for your beauty blender, the longer it’s “life span” will last. At $20 a pop you can really get your money’s worth by keeping it well-maintained.

However, even with the best maintenance eventually you will have to say goodbye. But when? Most blenders can keep their effectiveness for up to 2-3 months.

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