Hourglass Cosmetics The Ambient Lighting Palette Volume II -For Deep Skin Tones!

Hourglass Cosmetics The Ambient Lighting Palette II
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Hourglass Cosmetics The Ambient Lighting Palette II


The OG Ambient Lighting Palette was a huge hit; just with one big problem. Darker ladies couldn’t really use it. Therefore, Hourglass Cosmetics went back to the lab and beauty drawing board and is now bringing a new version to the makeup table! Meet Hourglass Cosmetics The Ambient Lighting Palette II; the new addition to the Ambient Lighting fambam that works for darker melanin skin tones!

This is a great news because you can never have enough melanin aimed products on the market. For goodness sake we are still playing catch up compared to other skin tones. In the 90’s everyone looked ghostly and ashy with the flash of a camera. PLUS… we are not even a decade out from the game-changing Fenty Foundation release. So, whenever a new product drops that keeps deeper hues in mind; you just take notice!

So what’s the details of this new product release? Basically, it is a three tone palette that can help you achieve a FLAWLESS complexion with a stunningly radiant multidimensional glow. How?


It is all in the formulation baby! This palette was created to pick up and capture; as well as diffuse and soften surrounding light to refine the skin’s appearance. Basically each palette shade manipulates light in order to filter out such things as wrinkles, imperfections and pores. Your skin will look perfected and picture ready!

Hourglass Cosmetics The Ambient Lighting Palette Volume II -For Deep Skin Tones!

To make it easy, we thought it would be beneficial to sum up this new makeup drop in a bullet point list. That way you can always quickly consult this article to be reminded of how you can use this palette in your day to day beauty looks. The Ambient Lighting Palette II was designed to:

  • Warm or Refine the Skin
  • Create Gorgeous Finish to Makeup Look
  • Achieve Opulent Highlight
  • Contour and Define Face


Hourglass Cosmetics The Ambient Lighting Palette II

Additionally, you will find that each color in this palette can work beautifully alone. OR… you can layer them for a custom luminous result. The choice and art is really up to you!

Nevertheless, it’s time to get to another very important aspect of this relationship. How much will it cost you? As of right now the Hourglass Cosmetics brand is indicating that this product has a price point of $64 each. If anything changes with this we will be sure to update you.



Moreover, you are probably also wondering where you will be able to purchase this item once it is released. Fortunately, it will be as simple as just heading online. The second installment of the Ambient Lighting Palette will be available at www.HourglassCosmetics.com.

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