Hollywood Diversity Views Shared By Viola Davis on Today

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Hollywood Diversity Views Shared By Viola Davis on Today

As the Oscars fastly approaches one subject seems to continue to make its way to the fore, diversity. Since the Academy Award nominations were released many felt that major snubs had taken place. In the ensuing weeks action has been taken by the Academy in order to erase any Hollywood diversity issues. Moreover, in the wake of these developments actors and actresses of all backgrounds have shared their thoughts on the subject as well.

Hollywood Diversity Views Shared By Viola Davis on Today2

Actress Viola Davis brought a new lense and clarity to the Hollywood diversity matter with the help of her Emmy award acceptance speech. During her powerful acceptance she quoted Harriet Tubman and mentioned that opportunity would be the key to ending this issue once and for all. Davis is confident that Hollywood can get on the right track and shared her enthusiasm in regards to Hollywood diversity this morning when she visited the Today show. Here are three points that really stuck out to us during her interview:

“I always say that Meryl Streep would not be Meryl Streep without ‘Sophie’s Choice,’ without ‘Kramer vs. Kramer,’ without ‘Devil Wears Prada.’ You can’t be a Meryl Streep if you’re the third girl from the left in the narrative with two scenes.”

“It’s the people in positions of power. The people who have the greenlight vote. People who say yea or nay. … They have the imagination. The thing that stops us a lot of times is fear. Fear of doing anything different.”

“My whole thing is: Step up to the plate! When you are in a position of power, do something with it. You have that one dash, that moment in time, just put it out there.”

Viola Davis is speaking a lot of truth when it comes to casting. Think of Shonda Rhimes and what she has done over at ABC network. Being in the position to place black actresses in key roles led to not only more recognition and nominations, but wins! Black actresses are talented they just need the opportunity to shine in the right roles.

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