H&M Divided Collection: Best Friends Forever Ad Campaign

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H&M S/S 2014

We all have that one friend who will always be our little partner in crime. That person who is down for whatever, fun, adventurous and just makes the world go round. H&M has taken a stab at capturing the essence of the BFF philosophy and came out with the big “W.”

As we were looking at the campaign we couldn’t help but be reminded of countless sleepovers, crush talk and the swapping of clothes with our close gal pals for a fun night out. The H&M fashions are great, styling is fresh and overall feel of the ad comes off as let’s just enjoy being young and have a good time. We dig the message and will be purchasing H&M couture to strut in as we make new memories with our Best Friends Forever.

H&M S/S 2014

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H&M S/S 2014

H&M 2014

H&M Best Friends Forever