High Ponytail Hairstyles: Blac Chyna 'Raises' The Bar

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This season strands are going to new heights! Want to be on trend? Then learn to aim higher darling. Go for the hair gold by rocking high ponytail hairstyles. We spied Blac Chyna taking things up a bit and the result was absolutely stunning.

High Ponytail Hairstyles: Blac Chyna ‘Raises’ The Bar

Hair shouldn’t be a headache. High Ponytail Hairstyles are easy hair looks that can command attention effortlessly. Raise a hand if you remember Queen Bey‘s high ponytail Met Gala hairstyle. Her fierce tail turned heads even though in essence it was a simplistic and incomplex hairdo.

Blac Chyna’s ponytail was created using virgin hair from Kendras Boutique. The boutique sells not only extensions but also hair products and styling tools such as flat irons too. Nevertheless, Blac Chyna switched things up from her signature raven tone locks and opted for a fab platinum blonde shade. Moreover, Chyna added texture to her look by incorporating loose waves. Furthermore, the tail received an extra dose of chic by wrapping a few strands around all elastics so that they are hidden.

Beauty Notes: Blac Chyna’s makeup is a perfect look for spring. Makeup artist Jolisa Jackson aka Jo, created a look that incorporated delicious peachy as well as pink hues. The color peach is a subtle tone that denotes demureness, innocence and purity. Moreover, pink is romantic, feminine, playful and considered the tint of love due to being associated with red and white. Nevertheless, since most think of spring as being a time of renewal, vitality, pureness, hope and love such a beauty look is very fitting.

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