Jenifer Lewis High Kicks-Learn From Mom, Add This to Your Workout!

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High Kicks

Actress and favorite film as well as TV mom Jenifer Lewis broke the Internet with the release of her new book, The Mother of Black Hollywood. The Jenifer Lewis High Kicks in celebration of her memoir shot around the online realm in mere hours. Her energetic display had us girls putting down slices of pizza and starting to rethink our fitness routines.

Yet, for good reason. Did you know that learning and mastering the high kick has NUMEROUS benefits? If you are looking to shape up, burn calories and infuse your workout with a new move. We suggest taking a page out of mother Lewis’ kick book and get those legs up!

High Kicks

Jenifer Lewis High Kicks-Learn From Mom, Add This to Your Workout

Let’s just cut right to the chase, shall we? High kicks are great when utilized as a warm up exercise or as a killer cardio move. Some of the benefits you can gain from this one explosive exercise are:

  • Tone the abs
  • Healthy stress reliever
  • Sculpt the legs
  • Burn calories and melt fat
  • Enhanced coordination
  • Improve the flexibility of the hamstrings
  • Fast movement (kicks) gets the heart pumping which in turn helps to burn more calories
  • Increases lower body as well as core strength
  • Can improve performance in martial arts, cheerleading and gymnastics

High Kicks

An exercise that hits two common problem areas? Uhm, count us in! High kicks can be performed starting from a lunge or squat position. Or by simply balancing on one leg while kicking the other leg up and as high as you comfortably can.

Start by doing three sets of 15-20 reps. Work up to being able to kick for an extended amount of time or even a set amount. Some pros even do a 1,000 kick challenge! Not necessary to see real results, but nothing like a good challenge in order to reach your fitness goals.

High Kicks High Kicks

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