Hidden Figures Number One Two Weeks In a Row

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Sistas are doing it for themselves! Standing on their own two feet! We just thought a little Aretha was fitting for a moment such as this. We are happy to report that the amazing true life story of three of the most brilliant minds at NASA, Hidden Figures, is steadily racking up the dough. Hidden Figures Number One Two Weeks In a Row is a major accomplishment and we are proud that such a positive movie is being well received by people from all over.

Hidden Figures Number One Two Weeks In a Row

Let’s talk numbers shall we? This weekend Hidden Figures slid into the number one spot taking in $20.4m. Bringing the film’s total gross to almost $55m. Early projections have the movie walking away with $25m for the holiday weekend and hitting $60m by the end of Monday. Wow!

Hidden Figures had battled it out last week with Disney’s Star Wars Rogue One. This time around it saw competition coming from two huge big time releases. The Bye Bye Man along with Monster Trucks and Sleepless all opened up this weekend finishing in the top eight. Moreover, Golden Globe winner La La Land also gave Hidden Figures a run for its money taking in over $14m thus claiming the number two spot. Here is a complete list of the MLK Weekend box office:

  1.  Hidden Figures $20.4m
  2. La La Land $14.5m
  3. Sing $13.8m
  4. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story $13.7m
  5. The Bye Bye Man $13.3
  6. Patriots Day $12m
  7. Monster Trucks $105.m
  8. Sleepless $84.m
  9. Underworld: Blood Wars $5.8m
  10. Passengers (2016) $5.6m

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