Hidden Figures Dominates Box Office With $22.8M Beating Star Wars

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It was a battle in space! Films Hidden Figures and Star Wars: Rogue One went head to head this weekend at the box office. As a result, early projections claimed the Golden Globe nominated film would only slide into the number two spot. Moreover, numbers remained tight all weekend adding to the intensity of the box office showdown. Nevertheless, Hidden Figures surged ahead past all competition. What was the tally? Hidden Figures Dominates Box Office With $22.8M Beating Star Wars!

Hidden Figures Dominates Box Office With $22.8M Beating Star Wars

We are huge space and Sci-Fi fanatics so we are so happy to see both movies doing well. Also, the story behind Hidden Figures is one that most Americans, heck most people in the entire world were completely unaware even occurred. It needed to be told. It needed to come to light.

Nevertheless, the success of the film demonstrates that audiences want good story telling. Real and positive narratives that are not stereotypical exaggerations. Furthermore, in the history of Hollywood filmmaking roles where actors and actresses of color could really sink their teeth into have been scarce. Accordingly, roles of being a maid, prostitute, slave, butler, violent gang member or drug addict seemed to only be on the table.

However, this film helps to open the door more. Furthermore, it solidifies what we have known all along. That we are not lazy, uneducated and purely people who have not contributed to making America what it is today. Hidden Figures is a film that is a confidence builder and above all inspiration. Moreover, it finally taps into our history and heritage after slavery. Therefore, Hidden Figures is the black community’s Forest Gump. Just great acting with a feel good message.

Hidden Figures Dominates Box Office With $22.8M Beating Star Wars- Stars Celebrate

Superstars Janelle Monae, Octavia Spencer and Taraji P. Henson all shared their joy of having the number one movie in the country. So then here’s what they said:

“I have been told my entire career, ‘Black women can’t open films domestically or internationally.’Well anything is possible. Most importantly this proves that people like good material. Has nothing to do with gender or race. Agreed?! Thank you to everyone who supported this weekend even during the snow storm (which btw affected some of our biggest demographics). And we were also in fewer theaters! What a proud moment! P.S. telling me what I can’t do only makes me focus on proving nay-sayers wrong!”

Taraji P. Henson

“Thanks to everyone who saw the value in seeing this story told and finally giving these heroines their due! The force was with us! Thanks for supporting us and them!”

Octavia Spencer

“The force was with us. It took over 50 years to tell the story of these 3 brilliant African American female protagonists. Without the research of Margot Lee Shetterly [author of Hidden Figures] these women would still be hidden.

This weekend we only had 2, 471 theaters, while Rogue One had 4, 157 locations. We also had snow storms that caused east coast region theaters to close, but Hidden Figures still managed to win the race! THANK YOU to everyone who bought a ticket, brought your family/friends. Told a friend, posted on SM, prayed for this film, etc.

We are forever forever thankful. We did this together! Mary, Kattherine, Dorothy and all the colored and human computers at NASA who took America to space are hidden no more. We will not be erased. Side note: I think its’ awesome that two movies about space were dueling it out. Y’all know I’m a space SCi-Fi geek for life.”

Janelle Monae

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