Hatch Mama Belly Mask - Minimize Pregnancy Stretch Marks!

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Hatch Mama Belly Mask

Every year a new crop of girlfriends find themselves joining the new mom club. Some things you’ve been warned about all your life, so you are well aware of what to expect. Yet, other things are nothing short of a major surprise and big screen style shocker. Nevertheless, pregnancy commerce brand, HATCH, aims to ensure every mom (first time or not) is comfy, prepared and stylish thanks to some awesome essentials. One HATCH pick we think no expecting mother should be without is the HATCH Mama Belly Mask … the innovative beauty product that enables all mommies to say bye-bye to pregnancy stretch marks!

Hatch Mama Belly Mask – Minimize Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Hallelujah! Is the only expression we believe that most moms-to-be would describe this amazing beauty find. Due to the fact that stretch marks seem to go hand in hand with pregnancy; like peas and carrots.

Without a lot fluff, this product basically serves to help the minimize the appearance of stretch marks that may develop or pop up over the course of nine months. The HATCH brand describes it as being a facial for your belly. It was developed to not only help minimize stretch marks DURING pregnancy; but also, help soften inflamed scar tissue postpartum. Nice.

Hatch Mama Belly Mask

Furthermore, like a facial, it introduces a lot of helpful rejuvenating ingredients into the skin. The HATCH Mama Belly Mask incorporates plant based ingredients such as Aloe Vera; in order to help soothe, heal and reduce any inflammation. As well as Propolis, which is known to also heal as well as rebuild damaged skin cells and fade scars.

Hatch Mama Belly Mask – Minimize Pregnancy Stretch Marks (Continued)

Hatch Mama Belly Mask

So then, how can you use this little mommy magic beauty product? The HATCH brand was kind of enough to provide the following directions! HATCH explains:

  1. Apply to dry, cleansed skin.
  2. Remove belly mask from sachet and unfold.
  3. Slowly peel backing (you don’t want to rip it) and place hole over belly button.
  4. Pat down and smooth mask over belly.
  5. Relax. Listen to a podcast. Snack. Whatever. Don’t rinse!

Therefore, are you expecting mother or want to gift a bestie? Then, get this, these awesome belly masks are only $12! Affordable, and helpful… now that is what we are talking about! Get some by surfing over to www.hatchcollection.com.

Hatch Mama Belly Mask

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